Cheesecake Bakery Phoenix

My Sweet Endings was born from my love of great desserts, especially cheesecake, combined my love of baking. I really enjoy all forms of cooking, including baking, but while making the desserts for my restaurant; “That Italian Place” in Ahwatukee, AZ I really sharpened my focus and fondness toward cheesecakes of all flavors and styles. In my opinion no other dessert has the flexibility and range of cheesecake. Eventually restaurant customers were asking us to make cheesecakes for them to take home. The demand continued to grow and grow, so eventually I started “My Sweet Endings” as a way for everyone to have access to the greatest and richest dessert available. Even though the restaurant eventually closed, the demand for the cheesecakes still remained very high. You can now find My Sweet Endings cheesecakes in restaurants throughout the SE Valley and also retail through Von Hansen’s Meat Shop in Mesa as well as directly via e-mail or through this web site. We currently offer over 20 different flavors, but there are literally hundreds of flavor and texture combinations you can create. Cheesecake connoisseurs love to debate the perfect cheesecake; is it made with ricotta cheese or cream cheese or some other combinations?

Water bath or lower the heat and leave in the oven longer, light and fluffy texture or heavy and dense? Plain NY style with a touch of vanilla or add various fruits and other flavors? Do you favor a graham cracker crust, sponge cake or other cookie crust?